Leanna L. House

Leanna House is associate professor in the Department of Statistics. Prior to joining Virginia Tech, she was a post-doctoral research associate for two years in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Durham University, United Kingdom. Funded by a grant, “Managing Uncertainty in Complex Models (MUCM),” she worked closely with Dr. Michael Goldstein to develop novel approaches for computer model uncertainty analyses.

She started her post-doctoral position shortly after receiving a Ph.D. in Statistics from the Institute for Statistics and Decision Sciences (ISDS) (now the Department of Statistical Sciences) at Duke University. The title of her dissertation was “Nonparametric Bayesian Models in Expression Proteomic Applications.” Advised by Dr. Robert Wolpert and Dr. Merlise Clyde, she developed Levy random field models to obtain interpretable data representations of proteomic data. Prior to attending Duke, she worked for two years in the Statistics and Data Analysis Systems Department at the Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, and attended Cornell University. She received a B.S. in biometry/statistics and a M.A.T in curriculum development from Cornell in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

Her research interests are Bayesian statistical modeling with an emphasis in model averaging, kernel regression, and Bayes linear; uncertainty analysis of computer models/experiments; data mining coupled with data visualization that promotes human-data interaction and education in statistics; and applications in proteomics, bioinformatics, cosmology, climatology, and hydrology.

Associate Professor of Statistics
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Visual to Parametric Interaction (V2PI) Visual to Parametric Interaction (V2PI) is a non-probabilistic version of BaVA.
Research Areas:
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Year: 2008

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Virginia Tech

Year: 2012

Head of Statistics Undergraduate Committee, Virginia Tech

Year: 2012

Mentor for the Curie Living Center, Virginia Tech

Year: 2013

Member of University Council, Virginia Tech

Year: 2014

Member of Program Committee for VAST 2014