Chandan Reddy, associate professor of computer science and DAC faculty member

Chandan Reddy, an associate professor in computer science and a faculty member at the Discovery Analytics Center, has received a Criteo Faculty Research Award from the Criteo AI Lab.

This grant allows Reddy and his students to develop new computational techniques for some of the challenging problems that arise in the domain of computational advertising. Specifically, Reddy’s lab will be working on building deep learning based methods for the problem of identifying potential customers interested in a particular product based on the past activities in the entire customer pool. Deep learning is an important subfield of artificial intelligence.

The Criteo Faculty Research Award funds leading machine learning research at universities in order to improve collaboration between the Criteo AI Lab and academic faculty. The results of the funded research will be made available to the external machine learning community by publishing papers and/or open-sourcing any technology that is developed.

The award is provided as an unrestricted gift to the university. Reddy is one of eight awardees for 2018. All are full-time faculty members from universities that conduct research in machine learning related fields and award Ph.D. degrees to students working in that domain.