The bachelor of science in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA), administered by the Department of Mathematics, teaches students to combine mathematics, statistics, and computer science to solve important practical problems in applications like social network analysis, homeland security, disease spread, cancer therapy, and tsunami prediction.

The CMDA program is a collaboration between the Discovery Analytics Center and faculty in the Departments of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. It combines elements from these disciplines in innovative, integrated courses, teaching a rich suite of quantitative skills for tackling today’s massive data-based problems.

CMDA courses focus on extracting information from large data sets, and on analyzing and solving problems through fast algorithms, accurate models, evolving statistical methodology, and quantifying uncertainty. Paired with today’s massive computational resources, these skills enable powerful analytic techniques that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

Graduates will be qualified for positions in industry, business, the sciences, engineering — anywhere top-tier quantitative scientists are needed.

Faculty and Teaching

This program is jointly taught by faculty from the Discovery Analytics Center and the departments of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. The curriculum teaches concepts that cut across these fields, so you can apply them to real-world problems that often fall outside of disciplinary lines. Visit the Academy of Integrated Science website for more information.

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Program Director
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Program Manager and Academic Advisor
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How to Apply

Apply through Virginia Tech’s undergraduate admissions to major in this program.

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