Edward Fox receives XCaliber Award

Edward Fox and his Ph.D. students at the DAC lab in Torgersen Hall.

Edward Fox and his Ph.D. students at the DAC lab in Torgersen Hall.

Congratulations to Edward Fox, DAC faculty member and professor in the department of computer science on receiving Virginia Tech’s 2016 XCaliber Award.  Edward is being recognized for his extraordinary contributions to technology enriched active learning.  More specifically for his new computer science courses, CS 4984, Computational Linguistics and CS 5604, Informational Retrieval.  The XCaliber Award is given to faculty and staff who integrate technology in teaching and learning, celebrating innovative and student-centered teaching.  Click here to read more about the award.

DAC welcomes new faculty member, Chandan Reddy

reddy1-updatedDAC welcomes our new faculty member, Chandan Reddy, who was appointed to associate professor in the Department of Computer Science.  Chandan is joining us from Wayne State University where he was the director of the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD) Laboratory.  His primary research interests are data mining and machine learning with applications to healthcare analytics, social network analysis and bioinformatics.  Chandan is joined by two Ph.D. students, Ping Wang and Tian Shi.  Click here to learn more about Chandan.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe highlights DAC’s work in Open Data, Open Jobs initiative

Map showing geographical distribution of job postings in Virginia, featured on opendata.cs.vt.edu

Map showing geographical distribution of job postings in Virginia, featured on opendata.cs.vt.edu.

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe’s office has sent out a press release announcing Open Data, Open Jobs; a groundbreaking data analytics initiative to better connect job seekers to job opportunities.  DAC Ph.D. student Rupinder Paul Khandpur has been working on this project via the Governor’s Big Data Internship Program (GDIP), a part of the Governor’s New Virginia Economy Workforce Initiative.  The project is an initiative of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Research and Statistics (CCARs), a virtual center for modeling innovation approaches for improving and using labor market, workforce, and education data. To read more about Open Data, Open Jobs click here.

Congratulations to our 2016 DAC Graduates!

graduations copyAs the dust settles from graduation, DAC would like to recognize the students who have graduated this year.  DAC is proud to have had eight graduate students complete their degrees this spring semester; seven of which received a Ph.D. and one receiving a Master’s of Science. Below we highlight our students who are now prepared to assume roles as faculty members, researchers, and data analysts. We look forward to their contribution to the field data science and cannot wait to see what they achieve from here. Congratulations!

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Chang-Tien Lu promoted to professor

CT LuCongratulations to DAC associate director, Chang-Tien Lu, who has been promoted to full professor in the department of computer science.  Dr. Lu is an ACM Distinguished Scientist.  His research focuses on data management to fulfill emerging requirements for storing, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data. To read more about this years promotions, click here.

Edward Fox and Virginia Tech researchers earn grant to study big data sharing and reuse

Discovery Analytics Center

Edward Fox (right) and DAC students.

Congratulations to Edward Fox, professor of computer science and DAC faculty member, who is among a group of Virginia Tech researchers collaborating with Virginia Tech Libraries that has recently been awarded a $308, 175 National Leadership Grant for Libraries from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  The team will be exploring effective ways of storing and reusing bid data.


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Bert Huang presents at CCC Symposium

PastedGraphic-1Bert Huang, DAC faculty member and assistant professor of computer science, presented a poster at the Computer Computing Consortium Symposium on Addressing National Priorities and Societal Needs.  Dr. Huang presented his research on machine learning for cyberbullying, specifically weakly supervised cyberbullying detecting in social media. Click here to watch a video of his presentation.


DAC now offering a new graduate certificate in data analytics

chris north

Left to right, computer science Professor Chris North explains dimensionality reduction methods for interactive visual text analytics to Ph.D. students Jessica Self and Maoyuan Sun. This is one of the topics covered for the new graduate certificate in data analytics.

DAC is proud to announce that we will now be offering a new graduate certificate in data analytics.  The certificate is offered collaboratively by Virginia Tech’s departments of computer science, statistics, and electrical and computer engineering.  The 12-credit program will be open to students both in Blacksburg and the National Capital Region.  It will better prepare students for careers in data analytics and data science, one of the nation’s fastest growing fields.  For more information about our certificate in data analytics, click here.

DAC Director Naren Ramakrishnan gives keynote talk at Pacific Asia Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference

DAC Director Naren Ramakrishnan at PAKDD 2016.

DAC Director Naren Ramakrishnan at PAKDD 2016.

DAC Director Naren Ramakrishnan gave the opening keynote talk at the Pacific Asia Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference on April 20, which was held in Auckland, New Zealand this year.  Dr. Ramakrishnan provided overview and perspectives about DAC’s EMBERS project aimed at a data mining audience. To learn more about the conference, click here.

DAC Director Naren Ramakrishnan edits IEEE Computer’s magazine


Cover of IEEE Computer’s April 2016 issue

DAC Director Naren Ramakrishnan guest edits IEEE Computer’s April 2016 issue, which is focused on Big Data.  Dr. Ramakrishnan guested edited along with Ravi Kumar from Google.  Read the issue to explore the latest in databases, algorithms, and applications of big data here.