About DAC

16 Academic Faculty 6 Research Faculty 4 Staff Members 85 Students
4 Locations 15 Active Grants $13.7 M Grants in Force  37 Sponsors


  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award: Naren Ramakrishnan, Dhruv Batra, and Devi Parikh
  •  Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Distinguished Scientist: Chang-Tien Lu and Naren Ramakrishnan
  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Computer Science: Devi Parikh
  • Facebook Faculty Award: Aditya Prakash
  • Marr Prize: Devi Parikh
  • Allen Distinguished Investigator in Artificial Intelligence: Devi Parikh
  • Google Faculty Research Award: Devi Parikh and Dhruv Batra
  • NSA Science of Security “Lablet” Award: Aditya Prakash
  • Army Research Office Young Investigator Award: Devi Parikh and Dhruv Batra
  • Windows Azure Research Award: Dhruv Batra
  • Amazon Web Services in Education Grant: Dhruv Batra
  • U.S. Census Bureau, Director’s Award for Innovation: Chris North
  • Round One Winners of the Yelp Dataset Challenge: Ph.D. student Ji Wang and DAC alumnus Sheng Guo
  • Leadership and Service Award, ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems: Chang-Tien Lu
  • Outstanding Service Award, ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM): Chang-Tien Lu

Best Paper Awards:

  • Best Paper Award,Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) CIKM: Aditya Prakash
  • Best Poster Award, Workshop on Object Understanding for Interaction, International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV): Devi Parikh and Dhruv Batra
  • Best Paper Award, SIAM Data Mining 2015: Ph.D. student Saurav Ghosh
  • Deployed Application Award at Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI): Ph.D. student Sathappan Muthiah
  • VAST Challenge 2014 Grand Challenge Award: Ph.D. student Parang Saraf
  • IEEE VGTC Best Doctoral Dissertation Award: Ph.D. graduate Alex Endert
  • Best Student Paper Award in the Computational Sustainability Track at AAAI’13: Ph.D. student Huijuan Shao
  • Best Student Paper Award, International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management (GISTAM): Manu Shukla
  • 2nd Prize in Poster Contest, “Efficient Mining of Massive Data and its Applications,” Paul E. Torgersen Graduate Research Excellence Award: Arnold Boedihardjo
  • 2nd Prize in Poster Contest, “HOMES: Highway Operation Monitoring and Evaluation System,” Security Category, National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges: Jing Dai